Safety - JC Surf Camp

Your Safety is our Profession

With every adventurous activity there are inherent risks. Be encouraged and know It is our profession to ensure these risks are well managed in the professional surf instruction arena. We facilitate a life changing, fun and safe surf adventure! This is done with excellence by giving our students and instructors proper equipment and training in ocean and surfing safety.

Surfing Safety - JC Surf CampOur students are equipped with tailor made boards for the ambitious beginner. A normal surfboard is created with speed and agility in mind while throwing any safety to the wind. These boards are manufactured to act as a type of safeguard. The high quality surfboards used at JC Surf Camp add an important element of safety to the surfing experience while compromising as little integrity as possible in the speed and agility department. Our protective UV rash guards help limit our participants exposure to UV Rays while protecting them from the common surfer’s rash on their stomachs.

The JC Surf Camp team considers surfing one of the greatest blessings in life and goes to extensive lengths to ensure others see it the same way. Each instructor you see at JC Surf camp has gone through our comprehensive SurfInstruct Training Program. This program was created from years and years of experience in the professional surf instruction world. Instructors are trained in the art of surf instruction, ocean safety, surfing safety, certified in CPR and First Aid and in many instances lifeguard certified. No camp at JC Surf Camp will ever surpass a 3:1 student to instructor ratio while all of our kids camps maintain a 2:1 ratio!

We understand risk cannot be abolished so we do the next best thing: handle it extremely well.